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Kellermann atto 3 in 1 black pair

  • Kellermann atto 3 in 1 black pair
  • Kellermann atto 3 in 1 black pair

One pair- black body with clear lens

The 3in1 sensation in an Atto housing - it has never been seen before: With the Atto DF, the latest and by far the most spectacular member of the successful Atto series follows!
The smallest worldwideapproved turn signals are now also available in the coveted 3in1 combination as turn signals with integrated tail and brake light.
Behind the extremely small and sensationally bright Atto DFhides an optical and technical multi-talent: With a light surface that fits four times on a 1 cent coin,
it disappears optically almost completely at the rear! Thanks to theminiature housing, the motorcycle rear end can be designed more minimalistically and individually than ever before.
In action, however, the Atto DF shines with the intensity legendary for Kellermann products- because not the size but the luminosity is decisive! Indicators, rear and brake lights warn with a
uncompromising luminosity and stop the following trafficGet back! Kellermann's well-known HighPower LED technology(2) together with the proven EXtranz -
Extreme Optical Transparency Technology create an optimized light control in aingenious system of lenses and reflectors and thus enable this sensational luminosity at a truly minimal size.
The Atto DF can be combined with other versions of theAtto series or other series combine. The complete electronics of the Atto DF are located inside the housing,
so that the Atto DF can be operated directly from the 12 Volt mains.(1)
br/>br/>Replace the existing rear/brake light and turn signals
Sensational, new rear optic
EXtrance - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology
Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
LonglifeProtection Guard, IC controlled, 330 kHz clocked
High-quality metal housing
Suitable for 12 Volt DC on-board power supplies
With M5 x 0.5 x 6.5 mounting threads
Dimensions: length 14mm, max.Diameter 10mm, glass diameter 7,8mm
European-wide registered design
Power consumption in watt: 1/1/1

(1)U. U. is an electronic accessory for regulating the blinking frequency
(2)Combination of the IC controlled Longlife Protection Guard circuit with high-power LEDs of the latest design.